Заседание Российско-белорусского экспертного клуба


30 сентября 2016 г. в Российской академии наук состоялось заседание Российско-белорусского экспертного клуба на тему: «Белорусская АЭС — проект развития Союзного государства». Участники заседания – энергетики, инженеры, экономисты, политологи – дискутировали о том, что даст Беларуси атомная станция, окупится ли она, почему Литва выступает против проекта, и кто будет покупать белорусскую атомную электроэнергию?

Подробности дискуссии — в обзоре главного редактора информационно-аналитического портала «Евразия.Эксперт» Вячеслава Сутырина «Беларусь может стать энергетическим ядром между Россией и Германией».

Russia and Africa: a History of the Formation of Mutual Perceptions


 This issue is prepared by joint efforts of the Center for African Studies (Institute of World History, Russian Academy of Sciences) and our colleagues and is based on the reports presented at the international conference “Russia and Africa: History of Mutual Representations”, which was organized in Moscow on October, 8—9, 2015 as part of research project “Africa in the Destiny of Russia, Russia in the Destiny of Africa”. We fully realized that the conference can not cover all the aspects of such large and important theme as mutual representations of the peoples from African continent and the peoples of Russia in its historical development. The preparatory activities confirmed that following substantial limitation of bilateral contacts we feel obvious lack of professional researchers dealing with these themes. Thus we formulated an important task both for the grant research and conference preparation as the first step to realize the research — to look for new talented persons and to enhance the chronology and problematic of the theme.



Historical Information Science: New Methods and Techniques of Historical Research


The mankind has entered the “digital age” in the 21st century. Information and communications technology (ICT) is now inclusive into all aspects of society activities, in all sectors of economy. ICT plays a special role in the development of research and education. This process also touched upon the historical research and education as well as preservation and study of historical and cultural heritage.

This issue of the journal is aimed to discussion of problems, prospects and results of the interdisciplinary research area associated with the use of digital technology and computer methods in historical research. This area is traditionally called in Russia “istoricheskaya informatika”, that was called internationally Historical Computing (or Historical Information Science) for a quarter of a century, and in recent years in the context of digital turn is associated mainly with Digital History (regarded as part of a wider multidisciplinary area of Digital Humanities).